Scan TopBetta Bot
Scan TopBetta Bot
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TopBetta’s Facebook Messenger Bot

TopBetta is proud to introduce a new service that allows you to browse betting insights, tips and offers directly within Facebook Messenger.

The new TopBetta Bot requires no additional downloads, plugins or extensions. Just open your Facebook Messenger, start a conversation and browse content.

More features and products will be added to TopBetta Bot – based on user feedback – making it a convenient way to engage with TopBetta.

A Fast and Simple Way to Access Betting Insights

Simply scan our Messenger code, which will start the conversation immediately. You can also visit in a browser.

Scan TopBetta Bot
Scan TopBetta Bot
  1. Go to Facebook Messenger
  2. Click on profile icon
  3. Click on your messenger code
  4. Click scan code
  5. Scan this image

Tap ‘Get Started’ and the bot will guide you. For the time being, the bot only responds to queries in English.

Scan Code TopBetta Bot
Scan Code TopBetta Bot

What is a bot?
A ‘bot’, short for ‘robot’, is an autonomous program on a network specifically designed and programmed to interact with systems or users.

What can I do if I need assistance from a customer service specialist, not the TopBetta Messenger Bot?
You can type ‘contact’. A customer service specialist will pick up your query and provide you with the information you need.

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