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ODI: Australia vs. Pakistan – How to Play the Tournament

OK, you love your cricket but you’re not too sure how to play a TopBetta Tournament? Then read on as we tell you how to play and give you some tips that may help you win some cash!


This $55 Tournament covers all five One-Day Internationals against Pakistan and has a $500 cash pool. If you want to play for more money the $55 Tournament has a cash pool of $2,000. You can enter that game HERE

Each Tournament has a box of information on what it is all about it. This is what it says for the ODI cricket comp:

As you can see it tells you that there are 5 Re-Buys (we’ll come to them later), the cost of entry and the most important part: the cashpool!

Just click on the ENTER TOURNAMENT button and purchase your entry ticket and you are off.


This sits at the top of the screen and tells you everything you need to know at a glance.  You can see the cash pool you are playing for: $500.

The ‘Places’ relates to where you need to be to get into the money, for instance, some Tournaments are Winner Takes All, some are Top Three and in this one, it is Multiple Placings – You can check out how far the Tournament pays down to by looking at the Prize Pool ladder.

The BettaBucks figure relates to how much virtual cash you have to spend in the Tournament, so you have $5,000 to burn. You MUST turn over this money to qualify; so what we mean there is you have to spend all of the $5,000 to get onto the leaderboard. It does NOT have to be done all at once and we will cover this later in tactics.

You can see your Current Rank and how many Re-buys are allowed (complete with running total of how many have been purchased throughout the comp).

Place a Bet!

So, you’ve done your homework and realised Davey Warner is in a bit of form at the moment, so you want to place a bet on him. It’s pretty simple.

Find David Warner (or whatever your choice of bet is) and click on the odds; this box will pop up.


You can click on the amount you wish to bet or type it in then hit PLACE BET and you will see the confirm box pop up, as below.

If you are happy with your bet then just click CONFIRM BET and you are off. Now just sit back and watch Warner smack Pakistan all round the ground for a $3,600 collect.

All you have to do now is use the rest of your BettaBucks to bet across the Tournament, while trying to make as much cash as possible. As you do this, you will start to climb the leaderboard and into the cash places, where you can pocket some money.

Or better still, hit the No. 1 spot and be the TopBetta!


If you happen to bomb out of the Tournament at any time, you can ‘re-buy’ in and carry on playing. You will start with $0 again but will be given another $5,000 to play with.  In this Tournament, you can ‘re-buy’ up to FIVE times.

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