Why it is good for the game if Millwall or Wigan win the FA Cup Final

Millwall V Wigan

So they might love reminding everyone that no one likes them (and they don’t care) but this is a huge opportunity for the Lions from South Bermondsey, South London.

What is more they have an Aussie playing for them too, in Shane Lowry, so who could begrudge him a trip to Wembley in an FA Cup Final?

Didn’t we all dream of that when we were kids, knocking a ball about with jumpers for goal posts?

Now we’ve been down the Millwall, back in the days when it was Cold Blow Lane and rough as and we have a few tales to tell.

Mr TopBetta took us to see Millwall play Brentford back in the day when we were a nipper and after a rather luck lustre draw (only made the more entertaining when a Millwall fan tried to lean across the advertising hoardings and grab Stan Bowles by the throat) we asked for the proverbial scarf and beanie.

Millwall was undergoing some changes in those days (it was the 70s) so they had a small separate shop where they put out all the merchandise.

As we shuffled towards the front we were about four deep when suddenly the power failed and all the lights went out.

For less than a minute our saucer-like young eyes tried to make sense of the dark and the mumbling blokes around us as there was a spot of pushing and shoving, then the lights came back on.

In the space of 40-seconds somehow the entire stock of scarves, beanies, programmes, shirts, basically everything had disappeared.

Millwall had robbed itself.

Junior TopBetta went home in tears with no scarf or hat, watching in silence as the car drove past men on the corners of streets shouting their fresh Millwall wares.

We fell in love with those loveable rogues though, trying to earn a dishonest wage.

As for this game we hear that Wigan have only sold 20,000 tickets and Millwall have sold their lot of 31,000.

If anyone can recall the last time The Wall played in the FA Cup final against Man Utd they took 42,000 and the noise they made was unbelievable, they outsang the boys from the North.

This is basically a home game for the Lions and with Wigan fighting for their lives in the league above them we reckon Lowry will get his day on the big stage.

Don’t forget Australia has an affiliation with Millwall with the likes of Tim Cahill, Dave Mitchell, Kevin Muscat (who captained them) Lucas Neill and Jason van Blerk playing for them over the years.

Mighty Aussie Lions 2-0


City V Chelsea

This is probably City’s only chance of any silverware this season while Chelsea is still in with a chance at winning the Europa League.

Gareth Barry has been reported in the English press as saying the match will feel like the real FA Cup final.

He also stated that whomever wins this semi final will probably go on and win the Cup.

Now if that is not motivation for the winners of the Millwall V Wigan final I don’t know what is.

In the world of football where there truly is a world of difference between the top-flight players and those in the lower leagues this surely should be a battle cry to all true fans (that are not Chelsea or City supporters) to back the winners of the underdog match.

We have always said that you should do your talking on the pitch not off it, which we learned from the great Brian Clough, as so often players come out and say stuff as if they have achieved already what they are discussing.

We know that the majority of the football world will be supporting either Millwall or Wigan come Final day and let’s be honest, a win for either Millwall or Wigan would mean a hell lot more for the players and fans than that of Chelsea and City.

Chelsea 2-1






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