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1st Birthday Party Doesn’t Deter Tournament Winner

Last Saturday Cfrance172 won $4,899.99 while playing a Tournament on his mobile app at a kids first birthday party proving that you don’t need to be locked down with your computer to win with TopBetta.

Like most punters Saturday is a busy day, particularly when you have children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bet on the horses as our Metro Mayhem Tournament winner showed.

Busy Saturdays

“Unfortunately Saturday is a popular day for organising events, and I was forced to try and multi-task between a first birthday party and having a crack at winning another Metro Mayhem,” Cfrance172 said.

The Queenslander had a good idea of what horses he was willing to play throughout the day and would keep an eye on how he was travelling to work out his strategy.

The first plan of attack was to go ‘all-in’ on Have Another Glass in the fourth race of the day at Morphettville, ‘knowing I’d be busy for a couple of hours regardless.’

Well, that plan worked as it won and he got $10,500 BettaBucks to add to his betting bank.

Phone App perfect for Tournament

Despite not being a regular user of the TopBetta phone app Cfrance172 checked out his standings before Race 8 at Caulfield and decided to plonk the lot on Faatinah.

‘Weaselling’ his way out of the kid’s special day he watched his tip on his mobile phone lose; if he wanted to continue, he would have to rebuy back into the tournament for $110.

After checking out the leaderboard, he couldn’t help himself and laid into fellow tournament player, thedoctor.

Realising there was still plenty of cash on offer he rebought.

“Having a quick sledge about ‘thedoctor‘ getting run down in the last, I had to put my money where my mouth was and have another crack,” he said.

He backed Liapari and leapfrogged up the leaderboard when it saluted, thus beginning his attack on thedoctor.

First Birthday party takes a back seat

“By now I had a few of the lads on board, and we had managed to occupy the majority of the lounge room with Sky Racing front and centre.

“After flicking a few shots at Glendarra and Longeron for no luck, followed by some rather brash comments and stern looks from some disappointed party goers, there were two races left,” he said.

Being a TopBetta Tournament veteran, Cfrance172 realised that “you need winners late, otherwise it is near impossible to hold on,” so he looked to a few horses he had up his sleeve that he quite fancied.

Instead of waiting for the last he went all-in with the whole $15,000 on Deploy, confident of the drop in class, but also aware that it would leave him in a good place coming into the final race of the Tournament.

The win shot him up to second on the leaderboard, with some breathing space to the pack chasing behind the top two.

Clever tactics

As it came time to open the birthday presents Cfrance172 and his motley crew refused to budge from their position in front of the TV.

“Heading into the last I was keen on Ringo’s A Rockstar, but this is where tournaments are different, and after deciding I only wanted to bet enough that would still position me well for a solid collect as I didn’t think Ringo would be sufficient for victory.

He heard that there was good support for Oink so he locked onto that, hoping it would be enough to propel him to top spot.

He noted that Tournament leader, thedoctor had backed something else and knew if Oink got up he would win: “The lads were excited, I was excited, everyone else wasn’t, and I was in the bad books as quick as the race was run and won”.

Don’t have to sit at home to win

Cfrance172 readily admits that if he was more prepared and it had not been a busy day with the birthday party “victory would have probably eluded me”.

And as our Metro Mayhem winner banked a cool $4,899.99 he said:

“It also proves that you don’t need to be sitting at a computer for six hours on a Saturday to claim a big Topbetta victory.”

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